How to Clean Green Living Room Curtains


Green living room curtains – Comprising fabric or synthetic vertical slats, aeration curtains are a popular window treatment for patio doors or windows that are opened by pushing aside. Slats are hung from a groove mounted inside the window frame. The angle of the slats is easily adjusted by pulling a chain while an attached cord allows you to open and close the curtain. Available in a wide range of colors, aeration windows window treatments can match any room interior and are easy to entertain


Dust on green living room curtains with a clean dry cloth or brush. If slats need a deeper cleaner, proceed with the following steps. Remove weights and chains from the bottom of each slat. Place chains on a flat surface to prevent twists. Release the slats from the rail and lay them on a flat surface. Clean both sides of each spoon with a sponge, hot water and mild detergent. Rinse each spoon with clean water and gently pat dry with a cloth. Hang the spades back on the rail and replace the weights and chains.

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Tips and warnings

Cleanliness green living room curtains with a damp cloth dipped in cleaning fluid. Never bend or roll slats, this could create a permanent crease.





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