Cute Owl Kitchen Curtains


Decorations with owl kitchen curtains are fashionable. But it’s not why I write this article. But because I really always loved these animals. I am fascinated by mystery behind their eyes and whenever I can I try to make crafts with owls to decorate rooms. If you are an owl lover, just like me, do not miss out on these decorative ideas. First thing to do is choose owl model you want to make and colors you want to use.

We must also take into account size we want you to have. Since it is not same to make a felt brooch as an ornament. When we have all this clear, we will begin to make owl. First thing will be to draw shape of owl kitchen curtains on chosen felt. If we are not very good at drawing, we can use templates. In case of body, we will have to make two pieces of same size since we will then fill owl with cotton.

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To make body owl kitchen curtains, and give volume process is simple. We join two pieces and we sew all corners with a thread of a color that we like. You can use a thick thread to make it more decorative. It is important to leave a small piece without sewing. To introduce cotton through that hole. Once we have filled gap, we can close piece without problems.


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