Decorate Ideas Red Kitchen Curtains


Red kitchen curtains – An option for a room with red curtains is to decorate the entire space in various shades of red. With its cool tones, red gives a relaxing, soothing vibe, so it’s an ideal color scheme for a bedroom. Choose a color or wallpaper color that is a shade darker or lighter than your curtains. Instead of traditional black or brown furniture, paint your wooden chest of drawers, bedside table and bed frame in a red shade. You can dress your bedside with a patterned fabric that matches the curtains to tie the room together and use the carpet area in various shades of red to anchor the different areas of the room.

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Seaside Cottage Decor

You can also use red kitchen curtains as an element in a cabin by the ocean style room. The decor uses a color palette inspired by the sand, so shades of red, green, tan, yellow and pink all work well. Put on red curtains in a skirt or gauzy fabric to give the room a light, airy feel. You can paint the walls white or pale yellow to an attractive contrast with the curtains.

Throw and field rugs made of natural fibers such as sisal, seaweed, jute or coconut are perfect accessories for the ocean cabin decor and usually come in earth colors that pair well with red kitchen curtains. You can decorate the room with souvenirs from the beach, such as glass cans filled with seashells and sand from your favorite vacation spot.

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