How to Decorative Curtain Tie Backs


Decorative curtain tie backs for free the space under your window. Short curtains should extend below the bottom window casting so the entire window frame is completely covered when closed. Make an exception to this rule in a window space, or when the window board is wide enough to be used as a shelf. In such cases, the bottom of the curtain should only brush the seat or threshold. Hang the curtains on a 1-inch curtain rod.


Measure from the top of the bar to either just below the window frame on a standard window. To the top of the window seat or shelf. Add 5 1/2 inches to this measurement. Cut two rectangles of decorative curtain tie backs with this length and a width equal to the length of the curtain rod. Lay the rectangle on the ironing board with the right side of the fabric facing down. Make a 3/8 inch pleat on one side edge of the curtain. Iron here the sheep. Iron down another half-inch pleat to make the side next to it. Fold and iron all the other side edges in the same way.

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Sew side by sewing between the folds with straight stitch, 1/4 inch from the fold. Make a half-inch pleat on the top and bottom edges of the curtains. Fold a 1 1/2 inch cover at the top of the decorative curtain tie backs and a 3-inch edge at the bottom. Make and iron these creases in the same way you make side sheep. Sew the hem and the casing in place by sewing 1/4 inch from the edge of the inside with a straight stitch.

Tips and warnings

When using heavy fabric, multiply the length of the curtain rod by 1.5 to calculate the width of the panels.

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