Decorative Outdoor Curtain Tie Backs


Curtains that were thrown open using an Outdoor Curtain Tie Backs to show a decorative, gathered from the edging with minimal effort. Although it is difficult to locate a cheap lace curtain in a decor department or store, you can transform the curtain you already own into a drapery curtain using a few basic art supplies. This allows you to achieve the appearance of a lace curtain without spending a lot of money in the process.

Take the curtain from the curtain rod, and then put the curtain flat. Measure the width of the curtain with a tape measure. Cut a piece of tape 2 inches wide to measure the thickness of the curtain. Cut a piece of decorative outdoor curtain tie backs cord to measure the width of the curtain over 4 inches. Lay cording across the width of the curtain, placing cords evenly in the middle of the length of the curtain. Cut a string or string section 18 to 20 inches long. You will need a long cable for thicker curtains or curtains.

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DIP the ends of the string or string into a liquid seam sealer to prevent fraying. You can buy this type of sealer in fabric stores. A knot on each end of the outdoor curtain tie backs rope. The knot is a decorative effect and is not necessary if you do not like the look. SEW a curtain ring on each end of the cord, to one side of the knot if you tied knots.


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