Diy Custom Blue Fabric Shower Curtains


Blue Fabric Shower Curtains – Before getting down to work, we have to make a couple of decisions about how we want our bathroom curtain to be. After choosing our Fabric-for-Curtains, we have to decide if we want it to be a curtain with a single panel (attach to the middle) or a curtain of two panels that open in half since, base on that, we’re going to have to make a central union or not.

We show you how to make a blue fabric shower curtains with a horizontal union in the width. We choose this one for the complete one and for example because it is a striped cloth against the thread, this way we have the horizontal stripes. Instead of using the fabric correctly to the thread, we would have a vertical union in the length of the curtain. The first thing is to take the measurement from the barrel of the bathroom to the length that we want our curtain to have, and the width of it.

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To measure the length, we measure the height and 20 cm (5 cm for the top edge and 15 cm for the bottom ring). For the height of the blue fabric shower curtains cut the excess measurement of only one of our cuts, in the horizontal sense of our stripes. Then, before sewing, design, and mark what parts would go in the upper sector of the curtain and which in the lower.


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