DIY Installation Above Ground Pool Steps

Jul 4th

Above ground pool steps – You can install them by yourself. By having an above ground swimming pool, saving money and effort is nice. Yes, the type is less expensive than inground pools. The cost is around $500 and $1,000. Extra features to add determine the cost. One of important elements to above ground swimming pools is the steps. There are ones with ladder, stairs and so on. If you are interested in doing the installation by yourself, there are some to take into account.

The pool kits can be purchased including the steps. You need to ensure about quality and design of the accessory. Take your time to make sure of steady and strong installation. This is an important element to guarantee convenience and safety too.

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Designs vary depending on specific needs. Is it for handicap or heavy people? The designs such as these two are higher in quality with specific features. Ones that attached to deck are mostly recommended. Safety is indeed an important element.

One of most popular designs is wedding cake steps. Tiered gives unique and attractive look to add into your above ground swimming pool. Mostly, light colors are used to give real looking of wedding cakes. Creamy as the name suggests is most featured.

How to do the installation of above ground pool steps? Depending on your swimming pool building, make it simple but in line. First of all, you need to get rid of any utility lines buried. You will want to easily and surely best install them. However, it is recommended to go checking for any permits for special construction. Zoning laws should be obeyed.

Determining the perfect site should be careful. Any shaded areas and overhead electrical wires should be avoided. A good drainage spot is surely most recommended. You will always need to have electricity run to the pool.

Digging for the hole should still following the instructions from manufacturer. Wall supports and bottom rim are to put together. 16×16 blocks are recommended for the stable upright support of the foundation.

Next step is about wall assembly. Where is it to install the equipment pad and electricity? Doing it yourself may be a hard thing to do. Be sure of taking someone with you in the project.

Sand is to be poured. Then rake it to reach 2 inches deep. There are more details to read in the instruction.

The pool liner is to be hung. Warmer weather is better to do it. This is meant for the more flexibility with lesser wrinkles.

The top rail and uprights are to be installed as the next step. Now then you can have the water filled with water. Do it just slowly. This is meant so that not to damage the liner. It is recommended in getting the water in a specific level.

Then, your pool equipment can follow. They are pumps, filters, skimmers, heaters and more. The installation of the above ground pool steps is easy. Just read all the instructions to follow as your guide.

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