Very Efficient Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Aug 15th
Wall Mount Electric Fireplace TV
Wall Mount Electric Fireplace TV

Actually wall mount electric fireplace heat up like a bathroom heater. If they give some heat in small places. But we already know what they spend if you have them a long time on. To give you an idea the calorific value is between 1000 and 2000 w. This is if they give heat but this does not heat a living room or a large room. This type of appliances are more decorative than efficient as a heating system. In any case if you use a lot or are programm to the maximum power, the power consumption will skyrocket.

Ask before buying since you can take a surprise. But of all modes the initial expense is lower than if you buy a wall mount electric fireplace as we have indicated previously. The “flaming effect” function does not spend much. Since they are LED type lights. Some can fire the effect without heat, only as an environment. Now if the heat function is use, the electric resistors spend a lot and also do not ‘accumulate temperature’. So as soon as you turn off the fireplace in a few minutes the heat will disappear.

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This does not happen with wall mount electric fireplace or pellet stoves that do generate residual heat for hours. They are very efficient. Keep in mind if you like chimneys that there are other alternatives with great calorific value and that do not waste electricity, like wood fireplaces. The decorative fire function can be switched on independently.


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