How to Hang Kitchen Curtain Patterns


Kitchen curtain patterns – When it comes to decorating your home, window treatments are a must. You have a number of options when it comes to dressing your window if you choose to use curtains, blinds, drapes. For an even more unique look, you can combine two different colored curtain panels to dress a window or hang a two-color coat. When done right, these creative combinations can make us look striking for your home.


Choose colors for your kitchen curtain patterns that coordinate with the color spectrum in the room they appear in. You can choose two colors that are free as tan and brown for a brown living room. You can also use one of the colors as accent paint. For example, if you want cranberries as accent paint in your tanning lounge, hang a cranberry and tan colored coat. You can also buy different colored panels like a green panel and a yellow panel.

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Determine how many panels you want to use for your curtains. If you plan to use different colored kitchen curtain patterns panels, you can buy one of each color for a unique look, or you could by two of each color for a more consistent design. Organize your window treatments to achieve the desired look. If you hang them on sliding glass doors and use red and black for example, you can change the colors so the red panel, black panel, red panel, black panel continues. In addition, you can hang the two red panels on the outside and the two black ones on the inside. If you hang them on a more traditional window you will want to use the same colors on the inside.

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