How to Hang Magnetic Curtain Tie Backs


Magnetic curtain tie backs – Curtains can be hung with supports and curtain rods. Look beautiful in any room and come in a wide variety of colors that complement your decor once your curtains are hanging, you can leave them down, for privacy or draw again for the sun to shine in the room. Using a clamp is an excellent option for curtains.

Decide where you want the top edge of the magnetic curtain tie backs to be. Measure from the floor using a tape measure to the right and left of the window. You say you want the curtains to hang 1 inch above the top edge of the window. Measure up to that point on each side and mark with a brand pen. This is where the supports go. Place your 1-inch brackets to the right and left of the window frame to ensure that the width of the curtain will cover the entire window.

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Magnetic curtain tie backs, hold the left-side bracket to the wall with the top edge of the bracket over the measurement mark. There will be two holes in the holder. Use your marker to point the wall inside these holes. This will allow you to remove the support and we still know where to drill the guide holes. Leave aside the left support and mark the points of the hole on the right side. Use a drill and a 1/16 inch drill bit to drill guide holes where the marks are. Change bits and place the left support in position. Insert the screws. Install the right bracket.

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