Hanging Scarf Valance Curtains For Living Room


Valance Curtains For Living Room – Hanging a valance scarf over curtains is a quick and easy method. Transforming an uncomplicated window treatment into a striking focal point of your room. A soft flowing scarf casually draped over the top of your curtains. Softens the appearance of the straight edges of window frames and curtains. The creation of this multilayer, a luxury showcase is simple when you use the right hardware. Mushroom retentions are pieces of hardware, the ornate type used to suspend the scarf valance.

They are easy to install and do not require special tools. Make an outline of your window with existing curtains, using a pencil or dark marker. Place a sheet of tracing paper over the image. And draw a draped scarf valance curtains for living room, superimposed over the curtain sketch. Repeat this process. Drawing different configurations of the scarf-valance with suspension points in different positions. Until you are satisfied with the outline of your finished window treatment. The suspension points on your drawing indicate the positions of the mushroom holds.

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Use a pencil to lightly mark the wall where you are going to place the mushrooms retentions. If you are placing the suspension hardware in the upper corners of the valance curtains for living room. The measures to ensure the retentions will be installing the same distance from the corners of the windows. If you are installing one or more retentions above the central part of the window. A measure to ensure a constant separation and height of the retention positions that.


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