Ideas of Measure Swag Curtain for Living Room


Swag curtain for living room usually consist of two or a pair of curtains hanging on each side of a windowsill. Each swag can be pulled back with a tie or held back with a curtain hook on the sides of the window. Swag curtains are often paired with blinds or shades and a cute coat can be added between swags for more fullness. Measuring your window properly will make sure you buy the right size swag curtains.

Select the window in which you want to hang swag curtains. All size windows work. And then choose a window with a beautiful view like in the living room. Keep in mind that swag curtain for living room will have enough light in. Measure width above window framing first. Place at the end of the tape measure on the left outer edge of the window frame. Measures to the outer edge on the right of the window frame. And then add 2 inches to each side. Write down your measurement for the width of the window. Adding 2 inches on each side makes curtain rod.

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Measure the length of the window frame. Place at the end of the tape measure on the outer side edges of the top window frame. Measure down to the bottom edge. Add about 2 inches above the top window frame. Write down the length. Adding 2 inches above allows curtain sticks to place slightly above the window. Use these measurements when buying a pair of swag curtain for living room. These measurements are also use when buying curtain hardware used for swag curtains.


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