Ideas Tie Back Shower Curtains


Tie back shower curtains serve a purpose, pull curtains or drapes aside to allow air to flow or light to enter through a window. But tie-backs do not have to be boring strips of the same color of matching fabric. Think creatively and use tie-backs as part of your decoration. Formal to funky, tie-backs curtains can define your style.

Pearls, of sparkling crystal-like and soft plastic cake for more wood or crystal beads are a fun way of tie back shower curtains. Bead beads or wire small beads or fine string or thread for larger beads in the sequence. Use colors that work with your decoration. For a faster bead tieback, buy cheap grain necklaces, type without a clasp and two matching snaps. The chain draws around the curtain, which gathers both ends of the loop. About three inches from the ends, pin the brush around both grain chains. Do not forget to pin the brush high enough to maintain the tie, encourage in the curtains.

  Nice Beaded Curtain Tie Backs

Arrange the curtains the way you like them. Make sure they are stacked evenly along the rod. Decide which side you want the tie back shower curtains to, the right or the left of the window. You also need to decide how much up or down the window you want the tieback to be.


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