Kitchen Curtain Styles Panels


Kitchen curtain styles panels are like sliding room divider, as they slide on tracks, and each panel moves independently. Panel curtains give the perfect amount of light in the room because you control how they are sitting.


Measure the distance across the door or space that the panels will cover. Dividing the measurement of the number of panels you want. A sliding glass door can support from three to five panels, while a large picture window can hold up to seven or eight. Measure the depth of the window of the kitchen curtain styles or the door panels will cover. Divide this with how many songs you want. Each panel will be on a track; To have them each stack one before another when open, you need a track for each panel. You can also have them alternate as open as they are twice as large as the individual panel.

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Mark with a pen every track on the frame. Use a laser to mark the same locations on the other side of the frame. The laser level will ensure that the tracks are at the same height. Measure and cut the fabric in the size of the panels, add 4 inches to the width and 5 inches to the height. Fold raw edges of the fabric to the underside and pin all the way around kitchen curtain styles. Sew a 2-inch seam all the way around each of the panels.

Tips and warnings

You may not be able to find dummies exactly the size you need. However, a hand saw piece dummies easily and quickly. Only the true cut ends before you enter the frame.

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