Modern Gas Fireplace

Jul 6th
Modern Gas Fireplace See
Modern Gas Fireplace See

Modern gas fireplace – Nothing disturbs the warmth and atmosphere of the fireplace. If you are looking to buy or upgrade a fireplace, wood stove or insert fireplace there are many options. Depending on the style and characteristics of your home, your energy needs, design and budget preferences are the options to choose from. The fireplace of the new stone mate has gone a long way since days that give more atmosphere than heat. Today’s models are much more energy efficient and some European models can even warm up the entire small house. Angles, the type of material use, tiles, marble or wood and other factors such as chimneys and lids chimney.

Housed in their own metal housing, modern gas fireplace can be install almost anywhere. Inside the gas fireplace you will find ceramic logs. Natural gas rods or glass or crystal elements and burners that produce flames with natural gas. This new gas fireplace is not an old gas fireplace. The quantity and quality of flame have increase dramatically and above all have the appearance and feel of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Many gas fireplaces now have a fire that is difficult to distinguish from wood bonfires. The modern gas fireplace also features an electronic remote control and an automatic fan for better heat circulation. The new remote control is relatively sophistic with touch screen, child safety lock and automatic temperature control.

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There are three different types of modern gas fireplace: direct ventilation models, top opening designs and non ventilated models. The direct ventilation fireplace uses two ventilation tubes that push straight outwards. A pipe uses combustion air from the outside while others channel the flue gas. The design of a ventilated gas stove can be installed on an existing chimney of metal or brick for ventilation. The combustion air to burn over the fireplace is pump from the inside of the house while the chimney funnels the exhaust.

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