Remove Mold Stain White Fabric Shower Curtain


White Fabric Shower Curtain – It is disgusting and may even be embarrassing when unexpected guests appear in a part of the house. When those little black spots begin to appear on the tiles in the bathroom, on the walls, and in the shower curtain, you know you have a problem. The mold of the bathroom curtain can appear in different shapes, colors, and sizes. The mold that appears in the bathroom can be a mixture of pink or red and sometimes appears dark green or black.

No matter how beautiful or expensive our shower curtains are, they will not resist the attack of fungi if they do not dry well after each use. Humidity, heat and closed environments are the best allies of mold and in the bathroom, these requirements are perfectly met. If the curtain is making of white fabric shower curtain or the wash label does not allow us to use bleach, follow these steps: Make a paste with sodium bicarbonate and water. Apply it to the mold spots and let it act for 1 hour.

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Fill the bathtub with water and pour a splash of laundry detergent. Put the white fabric shower curtain in the bathtub and rub the spots with a brush with soft bristles, until they have disappeared. Wash it normally in the washing machine and hang it extended so that it dries. Mold stains on the shower curtain may appear during the night if moisture and other conditions are appropriate.


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