Rustic Curtain Tie Backs Creative Custom


The curtain is more than functional. If you think the traditional materials outside and consider alternatives such as Rustic Curtain Tie Backs, you can add character and a decorative touch to your window treatments. Standard rope can be re-used as clamps with minimum effort and time and can accent a nautical or rustic theme in your room, or otherwise give an unexpected elegant touch.

Loop the tape measure around the curtains to determine how much time you need to make your clamps. Add 5 inches to this length. Wind transparent packing tape around the rope at the point where you are going to cut to prevent the rustic curtain tie backs rope from fraying. Cut two pieces of string at the points recorded using scissors or a knife. Leave the tape on the ends of the string. Place a ring on one end of a rope and bend the rope about itself about 2 inches to create a loop at the end of the rope.

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Cut an 8-inch length of working wire and wind it tightly around the folded rope rustic curtain tie backs to secure the ring. Continue winding until you reach the end of the craft-making wire and tuck the end of the wire into the rope. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to place a ring on the other three ends of the length of the rope.


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