Secret Tips to Get Beautiful Backyard Greenhouse

Jul 5th
Plastic Backyard Greenhouse
Plastic Backyard Greenhouse

Backyard greenhouse – to help you to succeed in the greenhouse, we have compiled the best tips and tricks for you here. For example, read the important ventilation and why you need to prepare differently in the greenhouse than in open. Good ventilation is important in your greenhouse. Only a few plants keep the temperatures above 30 degrees. Will it be too hot in the greenhouse, thriving pests, and the result may be dead plants. Some plants also have difficulty being fertilized in high heat and condensation increases the risk of diseases.

Keep a constant temperature in your backyard greenhouse. Plants hate large temperature differences that can easily occur in small greenhouses in spring and in autumn. In particularly frost heavy winters may need to loose-insulate with, for example, bubble wrap, or you can buy finished “curtains” that both protects against frost and high heat. There are also outdoor thermometers, which you can define a minimum temperature that triggers an alarm if reached.

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With a backyard greenhouse, you can jump the gun season. Already in March, you can grow from seedlings of different crops. Put like growths on the loose shelves or removable plant tables. In case the temperature drops suddenly, the fledgling plants easily moved indoors on the way.

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