How Steam Clean Plaid Curtains for Living Room


Plaid curtains for living room can be made with fine, clean and sensitive material. Therefore, vacuuming of curtains requires special gentle methods that differ from methods of cleaning other types of fabric. Clothing can be stretched and it can withstand shrinkage and obliquity, but curtains must be cleaned with more sophisticated methods. If your curtains are dusty, dirty or smell smoke, you may want to learn how to properly clean them and keep them clean at the same time.


Check the label on your plaid curtains for living room so you are absolutely sure that the steam will not damage or damage them. On the curtain label, the manufacturer always specifies what type of cleaning method is best, depending on the curtain fabrics or combination of materials. Note that if the label says curtains can be washed in a washing machine which is usually a good indication that they can be steam cleaned as well.

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Turn on the steam cleaner and adjust the length of your arm to extend the height of your plaid curtains for living room. Before you begin cleaning, hold the steamer from 10 to 12 inches from the curtain to test its effect. Start cleaning with steam up your curtains first as it will pull dust and dirt down. From the bottom is not a good idea because the dirt is likely to fall on the bottom again when you clean up. Drive the steam cleaner from the top of the curtain to the bottom, slowly and carefully, in straight lines. Do the same for both sides of the curtains.

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