Styles of Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Jul 5th
White Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
White Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Direct vent gas fireplace – which you can install in traditional stove chimneys where they fit into mortar materials already available. An effort can help you easily convert a wood burning stove to a gas stove. Air is allowed to flow around the fireplace, where it can absorb the heat more fully and heat your home more efficiently. However, most gas cookers need to be aired, and there are several different ventilation options you need to think about.

Direct Vent

Direct vent gas fireplace are one of the easiest types of gas cooker hood desecration. The valve simply runs out the back of the stove, through the wall and into the outside air. It usually means that the valve is only one foot or two in length, which can save on remodeling costs. A pipe is used, with an inner pipe for exhaust gases and an outer pipe for the air inlet. These are effective valves useful for well-insulated homes.

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Direct vent gas fireplace is similar to a direct outlet, but with an important difference. It uses a vertical tube, like a chimney, and typically out through the ceiling to enter combustion air. B valves can work with your effort if you do not want to use your old chimney but still want a decorative, vertical ventilation system. If you plan to keep your hardener but change the position of your fireplace, a B can wait to make the installation smoother.

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