Tips Hanging Sliding Glass Door Curtain Rod


Sliding Glass Door Curtain Rod – Hanging curtains in the windows of a door create privacy and filter light. However, a hole to install hardware damage to the door. If you live in a vacation home and you are not allowed to drill into your doors or do not want to create a permanent element. You can hang your curtains without the need to drill in the door. With some cheap purchases and a little time, you can hang curtains in the windows. Adding the function and style of the door in the process.

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Following an analysis of the different types of curtains will help you choose a size or style based on your taste. Although the final decision will not come until you have measured your sliding door. It is important to know what type of curtains to find aesthetically pleasing. For example, if you like valences above the curtains, you will have to measure the space from the top of the door to the ceiling. If you prefer rings, take into account the width of the door, because the sliding glass door curtain rod may require a central support.

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This could prevent the door from sliding properly. What kind of curtains do you want? Do you want the treatment to extend the curtain sliding glass door curtain rod/slider beam? Do you want a panel that draws to one side, or do you want curtains with two panels? These types of decisions are important since you take into account the size of the curtains you need.


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