Tips Installing Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain


Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain – Claw tubs have been popular among bathers since the end of the First World War. The depth of these tubs and the fact that there is no overflow drain allows you to dive into deeper water than is possible with more standard built-in bathtub. However, claw foot tubs can use traditional right-hand shower rod curtains because the bathtubs are independent.

In today’s world, the speed and ease of the shower often trump a soothing no hurry. So if your bathroom area is a claw foot tub. You may need to install a clawfoot tub shower curtain on it. Measure the length and width of your bathtub with a tape measure. You can measure the interior or exterior dimensions, whichever is easier because the curtain rods will come in standardized sizes. Locate the hardware that hangs in your oval or square shower curtain rod kit. You must have the anchors and screws kit.

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Do not try to use the screws without the anchors. The curtain rod will be too heavy and may eventually fall off the wall or ceiling. Assemble the clawfoot tub shower curtain rod and mark the places where it is needed to fix it to the wall or ceiling, depending on the style of your equipment. Keep the thread or flanges (usually round plates with a hole for the rod) against the wall or ceiling in those places and the exact locations for the screws of the mark.


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