Variety Pattern Vinyl Shower Curtains Simple Ornaments


Vinyl Shower Curtains – Vinyl shower curtains are not only used as coatings anymore. Thanks to the variety of patterned vinyl fabric and the use of simple ornaments. They have become elegant and inexpensive additions to any bathroom. Making your own to match your decor is an easy process you do not even need a sewing machine! Cut the vinyl fabric to fit. Measure from the shower bar to the floor, and subtract two inches.

This is what the length of the finished vinyl shower curtains wants. For a 5-foot tub, the dimensions of a shower curtains standard finish are 72 inches wide by 72 inches long. It will also have an additional length on all four sides to accommodate the hems. So add a total of four inches to the width (for a total of 76 inches) and 6 six inches to the length (for a total of 78 inches ). The hem of the two sides and the bottom.

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Using two additional inches on each side, bend over the vinyl shower curtains one inch and use your fingers to press the zipper down. More times, once again, for a total of two inches. Under this folded part, finely spread the fabric glue through the entire length and firmly press the two pieces together to create a seal. Repeat these steps on the other side and on the bottom of the vinyl.


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