Waverly Kitchen Curtains Ideas


Waverly kitchen curtains are an effective way to create a temporary door without time, and costs. By hanging curtains in a doorway, you also have the option of choosing from a variety of colors and styles. You are also not only limited to covering doorways, you can also separate a large room into several rooms with curtains as a separator.


Measure your door height and get the Waverly kitchen curtains you want to use are long and wide enough to cover the entire door opening, as well as curtain rail. The best type of curtain rod to use is a standard curtain bar that is hidden inside the curtain when you pull the curtain through the bar. This is useful for if you want the door to look nice and not to show that the curtains are mount with a stick. Install the curtain rod. You may also want a pen on hand to mark the holes where you should mount the consoles.

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Hold the Waverly kitchen curtains up to make sure it does not touch the floor, and mark the area of ​​the screw to enter the pen. You want to install the brackets as far as possible from each other on the doorway to completely cover the door. You will install two brackets; one to hold up each side of the curtain. It is also easier to use an electric screwdriver. It will save time when you screw in brackets. Different manufacturers of curtain bars have different instructions for the brackets, so follow the instructions that you have provide with the hardware.

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