Way to Extend Country Style Kitchen Curtains


Country style kitchen curtains – If your old curtains fit your furniture perfectly but are not big enough for your new windows, you can extend them to make them work in your new home. The length or width of the curtains can be extended in several ways. Sometimes curtains can also be extended without adding extra fabric.

Lower Home

Extend country style kitchen curtains an inch or two by lowering the hem. If you need to lower the thigh further, add additional fabric to the hem so it will have enough weight to hang properly. You can drop the entire boot if you put heavy cord trim to the bottom edge of the curtain. Add a strip of contrasting fabric to the bottom of the curtains. Make the band at least one foot wide to make it a decorative accent. If you can find matching fabric, put a wide band of fabric and cover the seam with decorative fringes. It is not necessary to match the print if the set band is at least one foot wide.

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Add Tabs, Ties or Clips

Turn a regular drapery into a tab at the top or tie the top country style kitchen curtains by laying tabs or ribbons bands every 6 inches along the top of the tablecloth. Six inch tabs will add 8 inches to the length of a curtain with a casing 2 inches below the upper edge. You can also add a few inches by hanging a curtain from clips suspended under curtain rings.



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